Innovations in Hungary! Now available, door handles with antibacterial coating.

These door handles kill all known bacterias and germs, so are ideal for hospitals, doctors' offices, nursing homes, kitchens and public institutions with high demand.

The doors (door handles, knobs, door addresses etc.) in health care institutions are subject to very frequent use, thus providing potential of establishment and spread bacteria.

Fortunately there is a solution. Thanks to discoveries of latest nanotechnology, this product has been developed.

The door handle is applied with HC3 coating, which contains an innovative fotocatalytic element. This element is activated by UV radiation, which acts as a catalyzer, kills and disconnects the simple organisms (bacterias, viruses) to its elements. As a result, only water and CO2 will be left behind, which is a major step forward compared to previous technologies, that used silverion or biocids as coating.

Compared to the old technology, at HC3:

  • (A) toxic residues not accumulated,
  • (B) not form substrate for next wave of bacteria,
  • (C) remnants do not reduce the effectiveness of coating.

The most important characteristics of HC3:

  • Fast and effective antibacterial activity
  • Destruct the remnants of the destroyed bacterias
  • Self-cleaning
  • Invisible because it is completely transparent
  • It has been used for more than two years in various health institutions in Western Europe
  • Neither microbes nor no silver ions (obsolete technology)
  • Tough, durable coating
  • 10-year warranty

Types / Prices:

  • Our full "Pro 4 Objekt 'collection is available with HC3 coating. What is the Objekt Maestro Pro 4 product family? These so called object handles are made of stainless steel, are specifically designed for heavy-duty, therefore, they are very useful in high-demand public institutions, hospitals, shopping centers, etc. The manufacturer provides 10 year warranty for these products.
  • On request, HC3 anti-bacterial coating can be used on these door handles. Prices of HC3 coated door handles subject to model types.

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