BECKER's shutter motors are the most advanced and highest quality tubular motors, you can get on the market.
The German BECKER produces high quality shutter motors to the market. Most of the tubular motors have the following features:

Obstacle detection in the DOWN direction:
When the shutter is going down and hitting an obstacle (eg .: flowerpot on the windowsill), Becker tubular motor with built-in obstacle detection is stopping to avoid further damage to the shutter. The blockage can be removed with the UP direction movement of the shutter.

Extra sensitive obstacle detection in the DOWN direction:
In case of obstacle collison, Becker roller shutter motors equipped with this function are stopping - regardless where it happens. However, the reaction time between collision an obstacle and stopping the shutter motor is significantly shorter. Certain tubular motors (eg. C PROF +) open the shutters back, it allows the structure of the shutter to be exempted of the pressure and thus the obstacles can be easily removed. No problem if you don't want to use anti-lifting mechanism – BECKER's extra sensitive obstacle detection motors can be used without installation of special parts!

Akadályok érzékelése FEL irányban:
Tudta, hogy hideg időben a redőny záróléce hozzáfagyhat a párkányhoz? Az ezzel a funkcióval ellátott redőnymotorokkal ez nem jelenthet problémát.
Amennyiben a Becker csőmotor szorulást, akadást érzékel automatikusan kikapcsol elkerülendő a redőny károsodását. Bizonyos típusoknál a motor nem csak megáll, de azonnal vissza is engedi a redőnyt.


Protection against freezing:
The closing slat of the shutter – on the top point - can be freeze in the cold winter weather. The tubular drives with this feature can avoid such freezing by being able to stop the shutters at a few millimeters before the end position. Thanks to the cyclical control, it is able to automatically maintain this distance on a constant level, when the roller shutter length varies, for example, as a result of thermal expansion. This ensures a hassle-free and long-lasting operation even at double-digit negative outside temperatures.

Safety – with anti-lift function:
German precision equals quality and security. When using anti-lifters, the Becker motor strongly presses the shutter mantle when closed, so the shutter tightens into the windowsill. This makes it much more difficult to lift the shutters and entry into the house. This is a particularly useful security feature, specially for the short winter days. The structure of the completely closed roller shutter will be more stable and rigid, in addition, in windy weather it remains silent, which provides even greater comfort in apartments/houses with motorized shutters.

Shutter motors with integrated radio receiver:
Tubular motors with built-in radio receiver provide you with the utmost convenience and flexibility.

  • Set two intermediate positions (favorite): to set the first position, simply just press in the desired position the STOP and UP buttons, to adjust the second favorite position, press the STOP and DOWN buttons. Yes, it's that simple! The set positions are easily accessible with double pressing the UP or DOWN buttons

  • You can easily program switching times with the built-in memory function. Keep pressing the MemoControl (MC) remote controls UP or DOWN buttons for 5 seconds and you already have set switching times for the UP or DOWN direction. The integrated tubular motor stores the programmed times, so you will not lose them even in case the battery is depleted in the remote control.

  • Each shutter motor can be programmed individually with ou TC4410-II type remote. The 10-channel remote control can be programmed with 10 individual time sets, so that each shutter will automatically move any way you want.
Soft upper stop:
If the roller shutter sticks out a bit from the socket when it is fully up, the windy weather makes a snapping sound. In order to avoid this noise and protect the shutter mantle and socket, the tubular motor can gently collides the closing slat into the socket and thereby stabilize it firmly. Quietness guarantees longevity.


Extra sensitive obstacle detection with re-opening function
If the roller shutter hitting an obstacle moving down, the tubular motors - equiped with this function – are able to stop the shutters and pull back the mantle to reduce the load. This way you can avoid deteriorate of the shutters and the tubular motor, not to mention, to save money.