Make your home special, enjoy the various applicability of the unique solutions!
The coulisse shades are a perfect solution for the practical and nice looking shielding of homes, offices, public institutions.


Darkening and light transmission lines alternate on the surface of the textile, thus we can control the amount and transparency of the incoming light. Alternatively, we can completely lap up the textile into the case.

Socket structure

  • Esthetic design, high stability up to 250 cm width.
  • The aluminum socket can be ordered in white, any RAL color, or wood pattern (natural oak, dark oak, walnut, golden oak).
  • Can be easily installed to any ceiling or side wall, using special brackets
  • The closing part of the socket is made of flexible plastic, secured by three screws in the aluminum structure. Available in white, cream, gray and black colors.

Textiles and colors

  • A unique choice of colors
  • High-quality fabrics provide outstanding features
  • SEASONS color scheme: 15 colors, maximum width: 255 cm.
  • Wood pattern color scheme: 8 colors, maximum width: 235 cm.
  • BOCACIO color scheme: 5 colors, maximum width: 255 cm.
  • Maximum height: 255 cm.

Manual operation

Manual operation by ball bead chain, available in white, black and silver colors.

Motorized operation

Enjoy your cosy home and choose the benefits of German BECKER motors, which can be operated by wall switch or remote control. You can control your shutters, your shades and can switch on/off the lights with a sperate remote control.