If you are looking for shading for large surfaced windows, we recommend to choose from our exterior blinds “zsaluzia” family, as it has a modern design and can be used for offices, industrial buildings and family homes.

The intensity of the incoming light can be controlled by changing the angle of the slats. If the slats are closed, the airflow between the windows and the shades can be minimized, thus providing better insulation.

The high quality, abrasion resistant parts are the guarantee for the durability and trouble-free operation of the product.

Thanks to the varnishing of the slats, it is highly resistant of the weather conditions and long lasting keep its original color.

For you convenience it can be ordered with motorized operation.

There are several options, from a simple switch management system version to a remote controlled (with a wind-light control) version.

Plastered socket blinds with remote-controlled electric motor operation with integrated mosquito net. Can be operated via Bluetooth as well as iOS and Android application.

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