The socket of this type of shutter is in an external box, but it can not be seen after the installation, because it's plastered.

Perfect solution for new constructions and renovations as well. The shutters are installed in front of the windows/doors. Bridging elements are used to locate their places at construction. In renovations the doors/windows are equipped with upper socket-extension. In case of operation by lifting belt, in both cases it is recommended to equip the sides of the doors/windows with socket-extension.

Plasterable socket not occupy any surface of the doors/windows, and unseen from both inside and outside.

The outer side of the socket can be plastered together with the facade of the building, and the access panel is located at the bottom.

The Hero plasterable socket shutters are not only nice, durable and safe, but sigficant energy savings can be achieved by using them.

Combined mosquito net system

In the shutter-built-in mosquito nets the shutters and the mosquito net can be operated independently. The mosquito net wraps up to the spring shaft located at the upper corner of the socket, so when you are not using it, it's completely invisible. Practical and easy to use solution.

Ex post installation is not possible, therefore, carefully place the order.

If you would like mosquito net on the door, you can choose the discerning plait mosquito net!

This type of sliding, accordion-style net is recommended for doors, but thanks to its great variety (standard grey, pollen filtered and reflection type) it is often choosen for windows as well.

It can be installed to the falling part of the shades or behind the shutter-system with display setting (before installation of shutters). Simple to operate, durable stucture.