Interior doors in terms of functionalities are dividers between the rooms and spaces inside the house. Because located interior, is not subject to external environmental influences, doesn't have protection function, so in terms of the structure and the surface does not have to meet high expectations, more important is the design and esthetics. An interior door is not only a room divider, but also serves as an interior architectural style-forming element.

We offer the following types of interior doors: Tapétázható beltéri ajtók a Gil-Trade Kft-től

  • single interior doors
  • single in-wall sliding interior doors
  • single out-wall sliding interior doors
  • single hinged interior door
  • single asymetrically opening interior door
  • double interior door
  • two directional in-wall sliding interior doors
  • two directional out-wall sliding interior doors
  • multiple out-wall sliding interior doors
  • multiple hinged interior door
  • glazed interior doors
  • glass paneled interior doors

Our doors are manufactured by six types of sockets, the surface of the doors can be veneered, decorfolied or painted. Painted surfaces are available in any color of the RAL spectrum. All doors are manufactured individually, as specified by the customer (size and design). Since the interior doors and windows do not aspect to be impenetrable and opaque, there are unlimited types of manufacturing options in coloring, patterns, cutouts and glazing materials.

Compared to the standard, seria-manufactured doors, the individual manufacturing does not raise the price.

Door structures

The structures of the doors: warpless, penetrated plywood insert, 2x4 mm MDF coating, coverd with the final plywood or foil surface.