General description

Our full glass panel doors are made of 8 mm tempered glass, catalog selected or with individually decorated design. The decoration can be made by sandblasting or by acid-etching or engraving on transparent glass panels. DORMA type special glass door hinges and locks provides the movements and closure of the door panel. The adjustable socket is made out of tight MDF, with many design options.

Surface treatment

The socket can be painted, decor filmed (0.4 mm decor folie) or veneered.


The doors can be:
- opening
- sliding out-wall
- sliding in-wall

Glass plate designs

  • transparent/lear
  • acid-etched
  • individually engraved
  • painted glass

Please see our information sheets in our showroom!


The price includes the unmilled door panel, the adjustable MDF socket (up to wall thickness of 14 cm), painted or laminated surface, the lock cylinder and the anti-collision rubber seal.

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