Shape: can be rounded or square, but definitely clean, free from any particular decoration, it can be a redefinition of an older form

Design: characteristic models are the rosette-types

Material, color:

  • mainly matte chrome, stainless steel, can be copper matte
  • aluminum: lightweight, durable and fashionable materials, available in three different surfaces: silver, champagne and bronze-colored anodised,
  • zamac: slightly stiffer than copper, nickel based alloys, typically with chrome, matte chrome and nickel surfaces,
  • PVD is a highly durable coating. PVD finished door handles recommended for both interior and exterior. The manufacturer provides a 20 year guarantee on this surface.

Production companies

  • Maestro, Mandelli, Paja, Tupa, Sicma, Hoppe, Hoppe / HCS, Kärcher.
  • Visit our showroom for full range of door handles at Timar u. 8/b.

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