The handles are made of different types of materials:

  • copper: it is the noblest and most traditional handle material, with variety of finishes: polished copper, satin copper, matte chrome, satin nickel, antique, swept bronze, patinated copper and PVD surface
  • Stainless steel: extremely resistant, modern material, matte or glossy finish
  • ​zamac: slightly stiffer than copper, nickel based alloys, typically with chrome, matte chrome and nickel surfaces,
  • aluminum: lightweight, durable and fashionable materials, available in three different surfaces: silver, champagne and bronze-colored anodised,
  • PVD is a highly durable coating. PVD finished door handles recommended for both interior and exterior. The manufacturer provides a 20 year guarantee on this surface,
  • forged iron, also a traditional materials, silver oxidized,
  • wood, porcelain, methacrylic: supplementary materials.

Lacquered copper door handles are recommended especially for interior use.

For exterior use and premises with high demand it is not recommended.

The protective lacquer layer can be damaged, frayed, discolored.

PVD is a very hard and highly durable coating. PCD finished copper door handles are recommended for both interior and exterior.

The manufacturer provides 20 year guarantee on this surface.

Thanks to its durable and resistant surface, our anodized aluminum, shiny or matt chrome finished copper and zamac door handles can be used both interior and exterior. We recommend our stainless steel door handles both for interiors and exteriors as well.

These types are furthermore recommended for high-humidity areas (e.g. saunas), where other types of door handles corrodes.

Production companies

Maestro, Mandelli, Paja, Tupa, Sicma, Hoppe, Hoppe / HCS, Kärcher.

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