Enjoy the summer under the MARKILUX awning! With more than 20 years German market leader Markilux company's products will ensure that you can enjoy your home terrace even in the strongest direct sunlight.

The folding arm awnings are perfect solutions for terraces, balconies and loggias. We have a wide range of models in quality, design and unique technical specifications, in addition to that, our self-designed special textiles protect your health.

Our models:

Socket awnings: In this type, -providing the ultimate comfort-, the axiks, the fabric and the arms are equally protected, as they are located in the completely closed socket. This means that for example, the precipitation can not damage the structure. We receommend to choose this type, if the awnings will be installed to an open surface, with no protection from the weather.

Half-socket awnings: In this type the axis and mechanics are protected at the top and on the sides, thus mostly not effected by the weather conditions. We recommend this model for partially protected surfaces, such as under eaves or rafters.

Open awnings: The traditional awnings are not protected by an outer shell. It can be installed for protected surfaces.

Stretch awnings: In case you have to protect a long terrace, but the awning can only be installed on the shorter side. In this case, the ideal solution is the stretch awning, whose arms are located offset relative to each other instead of the usual symmetrical arrangement. This way the awning can be stretched longer than its width.