For larger area of ​​terraces and balconies it is possible that a folding arm awning is no longer able to cover the surface to be shielded. It would be good to have a winter garden or a pergola to be placed on. However, it is hard to find a good expert, and to built a pergola often require special  permits. The markilux Pergola shades have been developed for this.

We install an awning socket to the wall (or to the ceiling), with guide rails in both sides, which are held in front of a filigree pillar. Thus, the installation is simple: we just have to fix the two small pillars, and the framework is ready. Thus, the fabric – strained in the guide rails - is much stronger and safer as the traditional folding arm awnings. This way it can be used for a much larger surface. The completed framework is graceful, it does not require monumental pillars like the 8000 framework.