Today there are more and more growing demand for wooden windows, more and more people would like to enjoy this friendly and natural material in their homes, which also increases the natural beauty and quality of the house.

We are offering the following types of wooden windows:

  • Fix wooden windows Fa nyílászáróFa nyílászáró
  • Opening wooden window
  • Tilt wooden window
  • Tilt and turn wooden window
  • Double tilt and turn wooden window

Structure of the wooden windows

The one or two circumferential, special chambered gasket provides hermetic closure. 

Water drainage is ensured by the aluminum drainage rail, available in natural, bronze and white colors.

During the surface treatment, the doors are provided with anti-fungus and insecticide in each case. For final surface treatment our client can choose cover coating (RAL colors) or glazed surface treatment.

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Wooden window (68 mm)

Wooden window (92 mm-es)Fa nyílászáróFa nyílászáró

About the wooden windows in general

A detailed description of our products can be found by clicking on the model name, below is just a general guide to the wooden windows.

High-quality wooden windows are manufactured only by quality materials considering the wood used for the structures as well as the fittings and the glazing.

Our expertise in the assembly during the manufacturing process is just as important as the installation. Even a good quality wooden window/door can not function properly, if the installation is made by unprofessionals.

The excessive thermal expansion can cause deformation, which can destroy the water and sound proofing capability of the windows, but at the wooden windows that can not be a problem, since the thermal expansion of the wood is so slight, that it can tolerate a 80-degree warming without deformation.

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