Wood-alu profile (107 mm)

Installation width:  107 mm

Outside: flat-fitting minimal design with aluminum cover. Because of the hidden welding, the joints of the corners are not visible. Special surface treatments available on request.

Inside: available types of wood: walnut, maple, cherry, beech, oak, eucalyptus and pine.

Glazing: 3 layered warm flange glazing k = 0,5 W/m2K

Fitting: NT ROTO or MACO Multimatic WK1 or WK2 safety class fitting surface treated with nano technology.

Main features:

  • wind gust protection: keeps the window in open position, a wind gust does not slam the window anymore
  • faulty operation inhibitor: using wing positioner enables the wing to stay always at the same level, thereby preventing saging of the latch side. In addition, the window will prevent accidental malfunction. All of these ensures the permanent safe operation of the hinge.
  • small ventilation window: when the window is closed, provides air flow
  • sliding balcony doors: G-U Thermostep aluminum thermal-bridge free doorstep

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